My personal sinkhole

As some of you may or may not know, I dabble a little bit with an awesome 3D software package called blender. I had been following some tutorials over at and in particular the camera tracking tutorial. So for a little bit of practice, I created a sinkhole in my backyard.

Im not a very artistic person, I mainly follow along guides and tutorials, but below is my attempt of this tutorial that I did out the backyard a few weeks ago.

While this 3D render of a sinkhole isn’t perfect (some of the textures definitely need some work), it did fool a few of my Facebook friends, who threatened to call the local emergency authorities to help with filling in the sinkhole..

Karma did get me back though, as a week later we had a burst water main outside our house on our property, so I had a mini mud/water filled hole in my garden. Thankfully that was easy to get fixed.


Philbywhizz reboot…

Where have all the blog posts gone? Philbywhizz has had a reboot.

I decided it was time to have a clean slate. I hadn’t updated the old blog for quite some time, and I wanted to try something a little different (like start a fresh and blog a little more often).

What better way to start anew by having a slate clean??

I will be posting up some old project pages over the coming weeks, so that there is some more content and it isn’t just a simple blog with a handful of empty posts… promise!