Beginning iOS application development

Last Friday (7th June 2012) I finally enrolled into the apple developer program. I originally registered as an apple developer back in 2010, however I never spent the extra money (I was cheap) to publish any apps (and at the time I was more interested in other languages). So now I am finally beginning iOS application development and it is exciting!

beginning ios application development

Over the past few weeks I have been studying Objective-C manuals (the documentation that apple provides is quite extensive) and the more I had played around with the language, the more I enjoyed writing in it. I am finding that it a far easier language to work with when it comes to object oriented programming (I’m sure there will be haters out there who love their c++ code).

So right now I am spending the time learning Objective-C, iOS 5 and what it can (and can’t) do. I’ve already written a ‘Hello World’ app and have it running on my iPhone and iPad (I’ll spare the pain of uploading it to the app store). Maybe I’ll port pioneer space sim to the iPad. 🙂

I’m not too sure what direction I plan to take at this stage – I’m more focusing on extending my skills – don’t expect an ‘Angry Birds’ killer app just yet. 😉


pioneer space sim – alpha23

I’ve recently compiled and uploaded ‘pioneer space sim – alpha23’ release of pioneer for Mac OS X. The team have been working hard but it has been a quiet month this month.

The Pioneer development team are pleased to announce the release of Pioneer Alpha 23. Its been a quiet month as the team have been busy with jobs, study and summer holidays, but we still found time to continue our cleanup work and fix a few important bugs (most notably a crash with recent Radeon drivers). Full changelog and builds for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux are available from the download page

As always if you find any issues then feel free to log them on the issue tracker.

Dropbox backups

You can never underestimate the importance of backups – in particular for an online presence where your files and data are in the ‘cloud’. Most of the time people don’t appreciate the importance until it is too late. There really isn’t any excuse not to back up your files, especially when it is so easy to do. Here is how I’m currently doing it:

I’m currently using an awesome WordPress plugin called WordPress Backup to Dropbox to back up all my hosted WordPress websites up into my Dropbox account each night. You can find out more specific details on the plugin directly from the author’s own blog.

Once the files are up in Dropbox I can sync them down to a folder on my iMac, which then gets captured by my TimeMachine drive.

For extra hardcore points, I also swap out my TimeMachine drive each month to an offsite location.

So not only do I get a nightly snapshot of my websites, but using TimeMachine I also have a history of past versions. So in the event any of my sites get ‘hacked’ I can roll back to a previous version quite easily.