Memory upgrade

As I had been doing more things with my iMac lately, from using blender, to learning iOS apps with XCode, I was finding that my computer was slowing down somewhat. At the time it only had 4G of memory, which is more than adequate for most users, however I’m special and I tend to have many windows open, and on multiple workspaces. It was time for a memory upgrade.

So i went and purchased 16G (4x4G) of memory from Ramcity, (recommended by whirlpool forums) and i havent looked back. I can do far more things on my mac now without it slowing down and swapping memory to disk (which was the source of my poor performance).

I can’t recommend enough the service I got from Ramcity. I ordered the memory online and received it the next day. A happy Phil is a more productive Phil. šŸ˜‰


pioneer space sim – alpha 25

I’ve recently compiled and uploaded ‘pioneer space sim – alpha25’ release ofĀ pioneerĀ for Mac OS X. The team have been working hard and there have been quite a few changes and additions this month.

The Pioneer development team are pleased to announce the release of Pioneer Alpha 25. This month has seen more visual enhancements with gas giant rings, terrains and city lighting all receiving improvements. Full changelog and builds for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (32 & 64-bit) are available from theĀ download page

A list of changes are located on this forum postĀ here.

As always if you find any issues then feel free to log them on theĀ issue tracker.

Philbywhizz update.

Hello Internet, it's been a month since my last update. I've been sick with the flu the past week or so.

I have also been absorbed into playing again, but this time with the tekkit mods. These mods add a much greater level of complexity, and playing on a PvP server also adds to the fun.

Hopefully there will be some more frequent updates soon as I get over this minecraft 'addiction' again. This Friday is a scheduled release of pioneer space sim alpha25, as well as I want to get back into some some blender as 2.64 is rumoured to be released very soon..

Watch this space..