Documentation is Hard

Documentation is hard.

Today I’ve released into the wild the start of the documentation for the Whizz80 project hosted on its own site.

I originally had posts here, as well as on hack-a-day, photos on instagram, facebook,  but I needed a central location to store all my files and documentation.

So I registered the domain ‘‘ and am using the GRAV cms system to keep the documentation up to date. I didn’t go with wordpress as I wanted something simple. It also allows me to keep the website up to date and in sync with a github repository.

It will also keep the main information at a single site (I can still blog about it here, as well as hack-a-day and other sites) but I know there is a central location for all my stuff. It will be a one stop shop where people can download all they need to know about the whizz80 computer system.

It is slow going though, because documentation is hard! Unfortunately if I want people to follow along with the project (and maybe even contribute) then I need to have all the information available.

It wasn’t meant to be an easy project – Documentation is hard!

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